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Nov. 12, 2020

Episode #026 Happy Hour Day

Episode #026 Happy Hour Day

My Big Announcement!!!

Today is Happy Hour Day!!! And, I want to encourage you all to GET HAPPY! And there are so many ways you can do that that can include grabbing a cold one for the adults, and maybe enjoying a family “cheers” with a flavored sparkling cider to include your little ones in on the celebration as well! 


0:55 Happy Hour Origins and Activities


2:03 What I Love About Happy Hour


2:40 My Big Announcement

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Hi, I'm Gabby, the Happy Holiday girl who says you have to wait until certain times of the year to get to celebrate. When every day's a holiday, we can combat stress and have more opportunities to have fun with our friends and family. Come celebrate with me. And together we can live a holiday life. 

Hey, what's going on holiday peeps. It's a girl, Gabby and I am super, super, super excited about today's holiday and my big announcement. So I'm gonna keep today's episode super short because I have a ton of videos and giveaways to plan for the future. I'll give you more details in a second. 

Well, today is happy hour day. And I want to encourage you all to get happy. There are so many ways you can do that. That include grabbing a cold one for the adults, and maybe enjoying a fun family cheers with a flavored sparkling cider to include your little ones in on the celebration as well. Now the term Happy Hour doesn't have an exact traceable date as far as when it first began. But says it may be traced back to the United States Navy. 

Back in the early 20th century, a weekly entertainment program called Happy Hour was created aboard the USS Arkansas to help relieve the boredom of being at sea. There were a variety of activities at this time, including boxing and wrestling matches, music and dancing. These programs grew more and more popular, and by the end of World War One happy hours were being held throughout the entire navy. Now my dad has told me numerous stories of how the sailors were entertained and honored whenever they've come into port back in the 80s. And let me tell you guys, his stories are so much better than me. But I'll tell you this, they were epic. I never knew people could get that happy for happy hour. 

The article continues to say that, over the years, the term became more about drinking than entertaining. According to a 1959 Saturday Evening Post article detailing the lives of government contractors and military personnel in the Caribbean. It was a term used for afternoon drinks and a bar. What I love about happy hour day is that even if you don't drink, you can take an hour to be happy. There are so many different ways you can celebrate the day. Honestly, an easy one is to play for elbowing song Happy and just dance. I mean, maybe it's the kid in me. But right now in my head, I'm seeing Charlie Brown Snoopy and the gang doing all their little dances that they normally do whenever you hear that little do to do do to do a little jingle. And it's so cute. And in that moment, Charlie Brown and the gang they're dancing represent your happiness to me. So take inspiration from the gang and do what makes you feel happy today. 

And now I want to get to my huge, epic, ginormous announcements management meant I began my podcast 25 days ago as a way to begin celebrating the holidays more and find a way that my voice can help impact change in the world by helping others find a little more joy in their days, or be a little bit more happy. I mean, I'm podcasting in a pandemic here guys. Well, I'm so proud to say that people have been listening. I have listeners in Germany, and the UK and France, Italy and Canada and all over the United States, and cities like Crofton, Maryland, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma, Duncan, Oklahoma, Dallas, Texas, and San Francisco, California, Cupertino, California, and New York, New Jersey. And the list doesn't end there. I am so grateful for each and every one of my listeners. 

And, I have a surprise for you. I want to give you all a gift. I want you to go online to Happy Holiday life calm and click subscribe. On my homepage, I want to gather a list of my original podcast listeners before my official big launch on December 1. These first 25 episodes were kind of a way to test the waters and see how people would react to a daily holiday podcast. And you all have proven that people enjoy having more holidays in their lives like I do. When I rebroadcast my podcast on December 1. I'll shout out the names of each one of my listeners at the end of my podcast episode. And when you leave me your name and email, I'll enter you into my holiday raffle. We're a fun way to win free prizes like hot chocolate mugs, hats, T shirts, and more. So remember, go to Happy holiday and click subscribe and I'll get you entered into my giveaway. I'll have my first big giveaway on December 1 With my relaunch episode, and we'll be announcing my first winner and that episode, so stay tuned. Until then, I'll give you a very brief update on the holidays of the day. But we'll mostly be working on getting my set together to produce more video content, brand new sound effects quizzes of the day and more holiday tutorials for various holidays. 

The countdown starts now! Get on Happy Holiday life calm and enter in for the 100% free giveaways. People around the world are welcome to enter as well. Although it may take a bit longer to receive your items shipping. Well. What are you waiting for? Get to it. Let's all celebrate the holidays together and live a holiday life. I'll talk to you tomorrow.