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So Fun!

This episode was very energetic, I had a lot of fun listening to it! And surprisingly learned a lot in five minutes! So much fun to see someone making a podcast about all the different unique holidays, I will definitely have to tell my friends! -Essence

It was happy!!!

I love it!!!! Looking forward to hearing more!!

Listen on Repeat

Gabby with The Happy Holiday Life really dropped this podcast at the right time. The holidays are around the corner and with everything else going on, this moment of Joy brought to us by the Happy Holiday Life is really spot on. Informative and oozing with the level of happiness only heard at Chik-fil-A, this is truly one of those listen to and subscribe immediately podcasts! : )

I love holidays!

This is a great way to start your day! Thank you Gabby! Everyday IS a holiday.

So excited to give you my first episode!

Hello everyone!!! I hope you enjoyed my first episode! I absolutely love celebrating the holidays and I hope this podcast will bring a little bit more sunshine to you and your loved ones lives! We all deserve to live everyday A Holiday Life! :) XOXO, Gabby