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Dec. 15, 2020

Episode #47 National Wear Your Pearls Day

Episode #47 National Wear Your Pearls Day

December 15th, 2020

Today as you wear your pearls, remember that it is not in our failures that we are defined, but in our willingness to accept our mistakes as opportunities to grow in life. They are our opportunities (if we choose to view them that way) to lead others in making sound life decisions and are our milestones that show how much growth we have achieved. Each and every day choose to learn from the previous day's experiences and strive toward being a better version of yourself each day.

Show Notes:

1:24 Learning To Forgive Your Mistakes

3:39 Ephesians 4:32

5:40 The Invention of Play-Doh

8:40 The Invention of Velcro

9:19 Pb&J Moment Of The Day (Today's Activity)

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